Konyaaltı Airport Transfer

Konyaaltı, One of them is the largest district of Antalya to the city center. Kepez, who gained fame with the Beach is located in the western part of Antalya. Kepez Kepez district and neighboring districts is a. Konyaaltı Transfer transportation, while on the other hand, it is possible to reach by bus and taxi. It has a little difficult because it should be done transfer Bus transportation from many places. In Fact, Koyaltı […]

Lara Airport Transfer

Lara Antalya's most luxurious hotels and long sandy beaches with clean Kepez township of lately is quite remarkable. Lara does not yet have a district status. Fairly quickly showing the development of Lara taxi to the city center of Antalya, Bus transportation is possible with. Direct and indirect Lara district bus service provides easy access to most, on the other hand, when editing Lara Transfer […]

Burdur Airport Transfer

Burdur province is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Goals in the region, which is one of our Burdur province date from the Malazgirt Victory is located is home to the only republic since Turkey. When carrying out road transport on the other hand provides Antayla the airport and transport to the city Isparta Airport. Namely Isparta 25 kilometers away and Antalya 124 kilometers from. Usually Suleyman Demirel so […]

Isparta Antalya Airport Transfer

Isparta is located at the intersection of the Aegean and Central Anatolia. Goals are referred to as Area to Isparta. Isparta Egirdir, Aquarius highlights and Gölcük, Kızıldağ in Aquarius and the National Park with a rich fauna and flora sahiptir.inanç tourism center of Yalvac reflects the cultural richness of Anatolia with all its splendor. Which contained Davraz Mountain Ski Resort, conveniently located for hiking and river sports […]

Tekirova Airport Transfer

To the south and Turkey in Antalya's Kemer district, the most important tourist regions connected to the fixed population of Tekirova 2500 it is near. Tekirova Antalya Airport 60 kilometers that lasts up to an hour. Transportation from the airport is provided by Tekirova Airport Transfer. Tekirova providing the same services to other regions are provided in the waist or Tekirova Transfer. Antalya city center 50 kilometers away and […]

Goynuk Airport Transfer

One of the most important towns of the province of Antalya, which is known to belt Borough Goynuk. It is newly developed and highly successful steps Belek, Beldibi, Boğazkent tourism area in Göynük, like a small place has developed despite yourself. Apart from these regions and others with city centre as anywhere now without the problem of transport can provide you with a Transfer in Göynük. Göynük, Natural beauty, waterfalls, […]

Beldibi Airport Transfer

carry traces of prehistoric Beldibi is a town in the district of Kemer. Natural beauty and tourism conveniently using the present good holiday region the structure appears to be. Popular with the village and beach, Beldibi Antalya city from which 22 It is located kilometres. Beldibi transport private cars or buses recently, the most preferred Beldibi Transfer tools […]

Aksu Airport Transfers

Aksu, Antalya is the new district. It is located in the municipality of Antalya. Its name is from the boundary between the districts of Serik draw Kestros River. Otherwise advantages arising from proximity to city center bus ads, special vehicle, taxi, and most importantly, with very reasonable prices, providing transportation with Transfer Aksu. Perge, wherein the sea coast, around the village of Kundu, convenient location […]

Airport Transfer Kemer

most populous county in terms of tourism is the most important and Kemer in Antalya. Eight separate villages consisting Kemer has managed to make a name anywhere in the world today. Kumluca and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the easiest and safest way of transportation in the district are provided with Transfer Kemer. Kemere 28 years ago when connected to district centers 1990 and it reached the district status. The typical Mediterranean climate […]

Boğazkent Airport Transfer

Belek in Antalya how if it was the most popular holiday region in recent years, which is expected Serik district depends on the Bogazkent neighborhood. Bogazkent Antalya center 50 kilometers is located in. Transportation is not provided with multiple choice Transfer usually Bogazkent. We know of approximately 20 Years, are in great demand for air transport. Today, all over the world airline scheduled charter flights […]

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