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Serik district is a district of many Kadriye recently tourism field attracted the attention of serious steps toward. The region usually agriculture, When dealing with livestock is the most important area of Belek Serik County Town has shown that with development. Kadriye 1914 from the year Sultan Hamit which belongs to 70 households come to Antalya from Crete was established together with the settlement. Kadriye called Sultan Hamit in the […]

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Serik, Antalya city center 38 kilometers is located in. Serik, Kadriye, Bogazkent, Belek consists of four tourism regions. One of the most important area is in Belek. Most popular resort area of Belek in recent years has managed to be. Serik Antalya transportation on the yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [wacko] and inexpensive Antalya Serik with Transfer. This issue has already done all the necessary work. […]

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Antalya, every year a region with all eyes seen in the most demand of recent years when taking over the region is in Belek. Population Total 7.740 TIR. 4.149 the population of Male, 3.591Serik Antalya province central have Women the town Belek district of the nature of the municipality to which it is connected is the Metropolitan District. Serik, Belek and Kadriye consists of two neighborhoods. Belek, natural structure and […]

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Bogazkent, Antalya's Serik hotels and holiday area in the district is known as. Ulaşımını provides with Bogazkent Transfer. Bogazkent has a long and very demanding Beach. The beach is owned and operated by the municipality of Serik. Is the blue flag beach. Bogazkent 150 There are meter-long. Sand and azure sea, hundreds of tourists enjoy summer on the beach. A very calm and ethical environment bogazkent […]

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With the rapid development of natural life and attracts the attention of the town of Belek and Serik, Last year, the most popular tourism region has managed to be. But that's not the only development in Belek are continuing last. There is too much of a population, which occurs in the summer months the Waist but large effects in human populations.. Sheltered natural life, the historic beauties, glass and eucalyptus trees […]

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Kemer, Antalya region is one of the most important turizim. However, the district has announced that all towns have signed highly successful projects with the world name. Today, tourists come to Kemer town from all over the world. attached to the belt and evolving Beldibi Antalya 26 kilometers from. Transportation to region usually tourists prefer Beldibi Transfer takes place with. The first count of Beldibi […]

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Alder is a plant term literally. Length 30 meters which can stretch, serimtrak is a color, little flowers out of a plant tour of gürgengil. Antalya province ,as far as we know, very close to nature and history to follow is an important region for tourism, and have. Applies to all districts including the Centre this meticulous structure. Alder in Antalya […]

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Serik, Belek, which is nowadays in the district is the most popular holiday resort. Serik town in two quite on foreground. These are, Kadriye and Belek is known as. Both developed itself quite. Belek Antalya City Centre 35 kilometers from. Transportation options is not very much. But Banerjee is pretty successful Transfer tools. Belek Resort where you can enjoy restaurants and especially in […]

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Burdur depends on the Mediterranean region. Today, the city has a population of 264.779 It is known as. Burdur province of Turkey plate 15 have been considered. Called the old date name of Kesbedion [2] Burdur province, Turkey. The placement of citizens of Turkish origin here 1071 Battle of Manzikert is based on up to the. Today, the Lakes region referred to as the city of Lakes Region or burdu. Turkey is an important goal of the following kinds of sports Lake Burdur […]

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He earned a reputation in today's world and the belt of the Mediterranean region is one of the most important holiday resorts. Accordingly, Beldibi neighborhood by staying in the District have shown improvements. Antalya province 22 kilometers can be provided with transportation Beldibi Transfer Beldibi. How is it that the most popular and important for the province of Kemer/Antalya Beldibi Resort is for the belt in the district is. Beldibi is quite […]

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