Transfer Antalya Kepez

Konyaalti Antalya province is one of the most important and rapidly developing district. As the district was very until recently, Konyaalti. The problem is not sourced from any decision or change colloquially as mutated exactly like Konyaaltı. Konyaaltı date before Christ 30 years ago, is based on the paper. We know the Lycian civilization to Antalya for many years dominance […]

Lara Transfer Antalya

Lara is one of the largest districts in the province of Antalya Muratpaşa Township, a Beldedir. According to Hittite Luwian language of Lara Sand means. I mean, nowadays can be defined as a sand Lara Keti. Long beach is clean and clear sea attracts a large district with Lara continues to grow rapidly. The most convenient and comfortable transport from the city centre as Lara on the […]

Serik Antalya Transfer

Antalya province is located in the Mediterranean Region. 18 There are districts. This is also one of the district Serik. Serik district in recent years has become the most important tourism has taken a lot of development and signature of the project and continues to move in that direction. Ceric Antalya province 40 It is located kilometers away. This transport is the most convenient and comfortable way […]

Kadri Transfer Antalya

Kadriye, Serik district of Antalya, which is one of the two villages. The other Belek is a Borough. Here it has the luxury hotels in face. Belek is ranked first in the world-renowned golf course. busy summer period in the district are experienced with intense interest of tourists. The district is connected to the unconscious as Kadriye neighborhood and neighbors who continue to live together with developments in Belek. Kadriye. Kadriye, Sultan Hamid […]

Antalya Transfer Companies

Depending on the Mediterranean province of Antalya Region tourism is a highly developed city. The city's area code 242 license plate code is 07 identified as. Antalya province has been named as the city of banana and orange. Mersin, Konya, Burdur and Isparta provinces of Mugla is adjacent with. The climate is quite suitable for each term has a fertile soil. Forest, perfect with the coast and historical beauty […]

Isparta Transfer Antalya

Isparta, Located in the Mediterranean region. City Goals are referred to here as the region. City population 421,767 as a person passes the record. The climate of hot, dry summer months, Isparta, passing through the winters are quite cold and rainy. History of the Paleolithic period is known to hold the city. Because of the geographic location the perfect place is home to many civilizations. Rumour has it that anno domini […]

Transfer to Antalya Tekirova

the most popular tourist district of Antalya, which is one of the popular resort town of Kemer in Tekirova. Bel, sea ​​having a natural structure and unlimited possibilities, It has beaches and accommodation in the area. only the Kemer district 15 kilometers away from the town millions of tourists come every season. Bel normally 25 thousand inhabitants to continue his life as hard as placement […]

Antalya Bogazkent Transfer

Serik County District of Antalya province sophistication has taken visibly. Besides, all towns are likewise open to development and shows off the refreshing. One of them is Bogazkent. Bogazkent, Antalya Airport 45 kilometers away remains. Road with fast access to the best and regular transport between the port and Bogazkent Bogazkent, Antalya Transfer […]

Goynuk transfer

Goynuk Kemer Antalya Province depends on the. Kemer Antalya's world has managed to announce the name of the most valuable tourist center. In göynük, Kemer with development in the District of basalmış, local haklın with meticulous and successful steps in the list to get the first row goynuk. The town of Goynuk Göynük Transfer at any time has started with the transport can take place. As the distance from the distance from Antalya 36 […]

Manavgat Transfer Antalya

Manavgat, Located in the Mediterranean region, which was the capital of Antalya's most popular malll and is the largest district. County population 250 Bini is a situation over. No precise information with the Organization unfortunately has not yet reached. But with the contents of the ancient Side and Segen ket B.c. 6. Century was founded based on the fact that this […] Protection Status