Transfers from Antalya airport to Side

Side of the town is based on tourism of Antalya, Manavgat is a village completely. Antalya city center 75 kilometers from Manavgat is 7 It is located kilometers away. The beam 400 meter 1 kilometer-long are. To visit the Si side Antalya Transfer can take place with the tools. The Tunceli long. The name means "Pomegranate. Anatolian history in the Side, other Pamphylia […]

Transfers from Antalya airport to Kızılağaç

Kızılağaç, The city of Antalya, Manavgat is a village in the District of. 36.731586 latitude and 31.538427 It is located boylamda. 1.945 the indigenous population of. It is known as a holiday destination. Manavgat is located in this moment Manavgat Centre 12 km uçaklıktadır. Antalya City Centre is 88 mileage that is about an hour away. Usually the bus and private car transport services when providing transportation with most […]

Transfers from Antalya airport to Konyaaltı

Antalya, Konyaalti district, a close-to-date ' Koyaltı ' gozluk. The reason for this is known as the user has been involved in possible cliffs. Colloquially pronounced as Konyaalti Ewan. Historically it is known that in in the Lycian region boundaries. Milliyattan Ago 30 years ago, the Lycian civilization known to extend, The name of the city is located in Konyaalti […]

Transfers from Antalya airport to Lara

Lara in the sand actually means Hittites. Our city Antalya Muratpaşa has given the name of the region in the District of Lara. Lara already according to the information given has the longest beach of Turkey. Guys who get naturalness and by developing more each passing period itself to millions of tourists to the city. Lara, all of a sudden he was a surprise development and introduction. The center of the city, each […]

Kemer Transfer Antalya

The town of Kemer, Located in Antalya province in the Mediterranean region is the most popular counties. The district has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are quite hot and dry and winters are warm and rainy in passing. The economy is based on tourism and quite belt district is usually achieved. Since the primary tourist area are various tourist facilities along the coast. The town is rich in any language in terms of culture and religion people […]

Transfer To Antalya Göynük

Göynük, Kemer Antalya province is a holiday resort in the District of. From the city centre 36 kilometer, Is in Kemer 6 kilometers is located in. Natural beauty has a structure that appeals to holiday with loved ones. Quality, comfortable hotels and beaches each summer season, thousands of local and foreign tourists is the area. Tourists usually transportation on Burnt with Antalya Transfer tools. Sea, sand […]

Side Transfer

Side is the center of Antalya 62 While the town of Manavgat kilometers 7 kilometers away from. Side 400 meter beam 1 kilometer-long is a is a region in the form of the peninsula. Pomegranate meaning "Side, Tunceli is based on. Side Pamphyli of the same period corresponds to the city. Hittites periods still unresolved language konuşulmaktaydı. But that's entirely specific language […]

Side Antalya Vip Transfer

The Manavgat district of Antalya, Side, the city centre is 62 kilometers away from. Side carries a pomegranate in Anatolia. Dates back to the Hittites side's history. As our many city and County Side is based on centuries of history. The Greeks have immigrated to the seventh centuries Side. The Lydians and Persians here a few centuries later entered the sovereignty has emerged during excavations. Most […]

Side Antalya Airport Transfer

A resort town of Manavgat, Side to go from Side Antalya Airport Transfer, you can choose your vehicle, you can review and prices. Side, Antalya is a neighborhood with a history of. One of the first settlements of Side's history dates back to the Hittites. B.c. 7. It is estimated that since its foundation in the 21st century. If more than one civilization after its inception here ruled. Side transfer […]

Transfers from Antalya airport to Side

A resort of Manavgat, Side, before you go, check the Side from transfer fees and you can enjoy your trip after you select your vehicle. To preserve the works of the Roman period attracts attention Side, especially those of historic buildings and architecture, curiosity is definitely the leading places to go. If you have your interest in Roman architecture is definitely a first Side the Temple of Apollo […] Protection Status