Frequently asked Questions

Which Services ||?

Services in our region offer possibilities of Economic/VIP transfer. The domination of the region high, all new model with our friendly and trained captain, the comfortable, rehabilitated and clean our cars we offer point-to-point transfers with.
In addition, our company car with driver rental / rent a car and you can meet your daily tours.

How can I book ?

Reservation to accommodate your request, we are trying as much as possible channel active.

  • online booking through our website
  • +90 532 278 46 66 and +90 242 606 18 70 our service line number
  • +90 532 278 46 66 line via whatsapp
  • our flight address and contact information by submitting the details.
  • All reservations made through channels approved by the demands of our operations team applies after.

    Listen, If He Does, You Are At No Extra Cost?

    When booking your flight details we get from you, Thus, our team and our operations will follow your flight captain.
    In the event that delays do not demand any additional cost from you.

    I Can Not Get The Driver, What Should I Do?

    Operation and service phones +90 532 278 46 66 and +90 242 606 18 70 You can always reach us on our phone number. Our team of friendly staff will be happy to help you.

    My Flight Was Canceled, What's It Going To Be, What Should I Do?

    In the event that we cancel your flight +90532 278 46 66 and +90 242 606 18 70 get your message and provide information on the following phone numbers:. Over the next 24 hours at the hold reservation options. New flight information netleşince information on him to submit information to our operations team will be.

    I Missed My Plane, What's it going to be, What Should I Do?

    If you miss the plane transfer you must inform us ahead of time is not necessarily. In case of no-show Bildirmemeniz pricing policy will be valid. Changes in the next 24 hours at the optional transfers.

    How do I cancel the reservation ?

    Cancellation of your transfer request 2 If you do not tell us 3 hours ago free of cancellation will be provided.

    The Driver Of The Airport, Where I'm Going?

    We will be waiting for you when you exit Terminal is the door. Captain is the forwarding of information from our operations team (+90 532 278 46 66 and +90 242 606 18 70) You can get support.

    Araçlarınızda Baby Seat Do You?

    Our vehicles and our service policy is important to customer satisfaction. To do this, baby seat / stroller / riser 1 free of charge but for that, you need to specify your request at time of booking. Operation is given the second baby seat surcharge in accordance with the.

    How You Receive Payments For Your Services?

    Ease and flexibility to pay for now, araçkta cash payment and eft/money transfer company account, you can pay with the methods of. EFT/money transfer is to be made must be made prior to the transfer of the payment. Our bank account number in be reached from this link.

    Your vehicles are air conditioned and you?

    Of course. All our cars are air-conditioned.

    Araçlarınızda I forgot my personal items. What can I do?

    Grant us the State will need to provide information as soon as possible. You lost and found will be paid against the address that you specify as cargo.

    Name Welcome Yapıyormusunuz?

    If requested we meet with names. To do this we take the welcome service fee € 25. Flower during the meet.. If extra requests must specify at the time of booking to rely.

    If an extra request karşılanırmı?

    The answer according to your special request, we're trying to give the operation status. Extra beverages in the vehicle.. You must specify at the time of booking conditions.