Tekirova Airport Transfer

Tekirova Minivan 1-3 people transfer
VW Transporter

Minivan 1-3 Person

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

1-3 the most affordable option for people families.

    3 Up to passengers 3 medium suitcases
Tekirova Minivan 1-6 people transfer
VW Transporter, Mercedes Vito Viano v.b.

Minivan 1-6 Person

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

6 groups of up to individuals and / or the ideal choice for luggage

    6 Up to passengers 6 medium suitcases
Tekirova VIP Minivan transfer
VIP Mercedes Vito, VW VIP Caravelle v.b.

VIP Minivan

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

Maximum comfort, multimedia, For convenience, spacious and.

    6 Up to passengers 6 medium suitcases
Tekirova Minibus 1-13 people transfer
Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, Ford Transit,

Minibus 1-13 Person

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

13 the right choice for the person who set up and excess baggage.

    13 Up to passengers 13 medium suitcases
Tekirova Minibus 1-16 people transfer
Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, Ford Transit,

Minibus 1-16 Person

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

16 the right choice for the person who set up and excess baggage.

    16 Up to passengers 16 medium suitcases
Tekirova Midibus 1-13 people transfer
Isuzu, Iveco, Otokar Vkbi.

Midibus 1-13 Person

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

16-25 the most appropriate option for people suitable range.

    25 Up to passengers 25 medium suitcases
Tekirova Bus 1-44 people transfer
Mercedes Benz, Temsa, MAN, Neoplan v.b.

Bus 1-44 Person

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

For large groups 25 older persons in appropriate alternative.

    44 Up to passengers 44 medium suitcases
Tekirova Comfort transfer
VW Passat, Toyota Corolla, Opel İnsignia v.b.


Antalya Airport - Tekirova

ideal choice for both comfort and economy.

    3 Up to passengers 3 medium suitcases
Tekirova Business transfer
BMW 5, Mercedes CLA, Audi A6 v.b.


Antalya Airport - Tekirova

Pamper yourself.

    3 Up to passengers 3 medium suitcases
Tekirova Premium transfer
Mercedes S Seri, BMW 7, Audi A8 v.b.


Antalya Airport - Tekirova

first-class tools for maximum comfort.

    3 Up to passengers 3 medium suitcases
Tekirova Minivan 1-8 person transfers
VW Caravelle, Mercedes Viano v.b.

Minivan 1-8 person

Antalya Airport - Tekirova

8 groups of up to individuals and / or the ideal choice for luggage

    8 Up to passengers 8 medium suitcases

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Why is that Tekirova Transfer I need to get the service ?

you should choose us 4 great cause

Transparent Wage Policy

If you pay him what numbers you see. Any hidden costs, There are no additional fees or bank commissions. Traffic jam, no additional charges for delayed cases etc..

Free Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge. All fees will be refunded without any commissions or partial interruption. The timely transfer of Us 6 Simply inform hours ago.

perfect Service

Not only in Turkey and Europe we are working day and night to perfect and seamless transfer service at Antalya Airport, which is the world's busiest airport AnlArIndAn.

7/24 Customer Service

Bravo Tour All festivals, holiday, Work on weekends. 365 day 24 You can find your customer service that solves your problems against the clock.

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Tekirova Airport Transfer

To the south and Turkey in Antalya's Kemer district, the most important tourist regions connected to the fixed population of Tekirova 2500 it is near. Tekirova Antalya Airport 60 kilometers that lasts up to an hour. Transportation from the airport Tekirova Airport Transfer It is provided with. Tekirova providing the same services to the waist or in other regions Tekirova Transfer It is provided with. Antalya city center 50 kilometers away and depending on where in the Kemer district 17 kilometers from. This region is also easily affordable way to transport at any time Tekirova Vip Transfer Our sağlayabiliyorsunuz.terte with sevdiklerinil transportation and crystal clear sea is known as the blue flag icon tekirova. Tekirova they were blue in the mountains on three sides it is surrounded by a town that has a natural beauty that sea. Historic beauty is in the borough. Where thousands of tourists come to dive again by the world's four three islands located within the boundaries of Tekirova. Tekirova peculiar about this very favorable. It has a beauty. Tekirova also, the first in the world in terms of purpose and content (Flora fauna) tissue work, which is situated Echo Park. Plant, texture of a miniature reptile lived freely in the echo of Echo Park, plants under threat of extinction of species and strain while serving and reptiles, Many of the reptile family under protection in the world to prepare the natural environment and contribute to their life. 2005 It opened in Echo Park, From the date of launch has been the focus of attention of domestic and foreign visitors. Also Tekirova, Super Amateur League struggling and 2008-2009 season 3. the League is also home to Tekirova Belediyespor. Tekirova hundreds of visitors to this period in full Tekirova Transfer Services which provides a very successful way of transport with transport vehicles. Many hotels in Tekirova, There are apartments and summer cottages board. Usually those guests who prefer hotels are often booked early. hoods Tekirova Hotel Transfer to provide transportation. generally prefer the Kemer district with many amenities for the night life Tekirova. Nightlife is more vibrant in Kemer district is pleasure to be here. Transfer with transportation provided already expressed their hours tekirova.

antalya havalimanı Minivan 1-3 Kişi transferMinivan 1-3 Person9 $'Starting from
antalya havalimanı Business transferBusiness0 $'Starting from
antalya havalimanı Premium transferPremium44 $'Starting from
antalya havalimanı Minivan 1-6 Kişi transferMinivan 1-6 Person5 $'Starting from
antalya havalimanı VIP Minivan transferVIP Minivan8 $'Starting from
antalya havalimanı Minibus 1-13 Kişi transferMinibus 1-13 Person4 $'Starting from
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